„Echo of Children“/Re-Coding Post-War Syria – The summer school course by Reparametrize Studio in Syria & HCU HafenCity University Hamburg in Germany, and sponsored by JPU_Al Jazeera Private University.

The summer school is under the guidance of the architectural practice Reparametrize Studio in Damascus. Reparametrize Studio has been working intensively for some time in visions to re-code and re-build Syria on case studies of districts of the city of Damascus that experienced severe destruction during the war. The visions follow the approach of researching and understanding the social and physical status of the specific area and its inhabitants and designing an intervention that creates relief and triggers its appropriate and sustainable reconstruction and revival. The course aims at creating an intervention at a specific site within this sensitive and extraordinary context. Providing a space for children’s relief, certain parameters such as the remaining (destroyed) structures as well as the use of alternative and site-specific construction materials and techniques will be taken into account.

Reparametrize Studio:

M.Arch.Eng.Mhd Ziwar Al Nouri
Arch Bilal Baghdadi
M.Arch Zhelev Zhivkov Atanas

HCU Hamburg University:

Prof. Karsten Schlesier
Prof. Dr. Annette Bögle
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Willkomm
Tutor Mahmoud Ghazala Einieh

JPU _Al Jazeera University:

Dr. Eng. Kindah Mousli

Verfasser: Arne Drewes + Thu Tran / Jad Sneij + Ayman Rabah / Abd Al Rahman Farra + Sounhi Jabal


Syrian Team: Abd Al Rahman Daaboul, Abd Al Rahman Farra, Ayman Rabah, Jad Sneij, Mulham Kharboutli, Sara Faraon, Soubhi Al Jabal, Zeina Kalthoum

HCU Team: Linn Birwe, Jana Wechtenbruch, Anne Ortmann, Johanna Lorenz-Meyer, Kathya Herrera, Helmut Teuber, Arne Drewes, Thu Tran.